Basically, after having the new big ass TV for a few days, I started to regret my purchase; the picture looked like crap. Even on DVDs. Then, I found out that the cable that you connect shit to your TV with makes a difference. So I got component cables. Problem solved. Now, how does Comcast fit in here? Why let me tell you!

First of all, on Saturday, I had to wait 7 hours for them to show up, with them pushing their arrival back by hours at a time every time they reached their “absolutely no later than” time. I got in a fight with the woman in customer service. They didn’t care. I told her it was bullshit. She said she would terminate the call if I used anymore harsh language. Fuck. I got nowhere with that. All in all, we were successfully “upgraded” the the new Comcast DVR receiver, which means, you guessed it… “no more need” for Tivo. Ah Tivo, you have been so good to me all these years; and now I know why I loved you so much. Comcast DVR SUCKS!!! No seriously, Hoover, Dyson, they got nothing on Comcast DVR. The user interface is like taking pieces of construction paper and writing down names of shows, and then making a crappy looking graph out of them for you to browse with your horrible remote. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it seriously, seriously sucks. I would give ANYTHING to get my Tivo back.

And to make it worse, I have a huge dilemma with just going back to Tivo… Tivo doesn’t support HD. That’s right, our new snazzy HDTV won’t work with Tivo. Well, it will, but it won’t use the HD channels. The dilemma continues; I cannot continue with the Comcast DVR. It is just too horrible. And you know what, I think that I am willing to give up the 10 channels that are actually HD, in order to get Tivo back, but I have some questions. Nerds, my fellow brethren, listen up, and please help:

1) If you hook up Tivo with S-video, does it look half as good as a component connection? Reason being, before I got the component connection, it looked like re-fried shit (I was using the composite connections through my receiver). I wouldn’t watch that crap now that I have seen the light. I would rather have my small ass TV back than have that. Also, what is the solution if S-video doesn’t compare? Tivo doesn’t offer component connections! Help!!!
2) Should I suck it up and order DirectTV? Is their DVR better? I know they offer a Tivo powered HD DVR, but $400 is a little, fuck that, A LOT out of my price range. That’s the ideal, but we really can’t afford that. But I have heard great things about DirectTV, i.e., them being WAY better than Comcast. I would even transfer on principle because Comcast’s customer service has a “fuck off” policy. Thoughts on DirectTV?
3) Is there a way that I could just use the Tivo that I have (I think it is series one), and still get a pretty good picture on the TV (assuming it is connected with S-video, since nothing else seems to be available)? Is anyone doing this? I am willing to upgrade to a new Tivo (more hours!), since it is free, and if this is the best solution.
4) When you connect Tivo to a TV that is CableCARD compliant, does it work like it does if you use the box? My TV is CableCARD compliant, but I would still only be able to connect Tivo to the TV with S-video; would it look good? If so, I can get the CableCARD from Comcast.

Any and all comments are very much appreciated. I am having a difficult time finding information about this stuff online; but the chances that I am just missing it are possible. This is all new to me. Who knew that I would get a TV that would outpace the current technology (Tivo HD isn’t out yet), and yet, I feel like I am behind the HD game? HELP!!!!!! No seriously… HELP!!!!