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what’s going on with me

I am finishing up the semester, and thank goodness; doing 3 classes in a mini-mester is ridiculous. Nope, it’s beyond ridiculous. All in all, I don’t ever want to do that again, but I am glad to have it (almost all of the way) behind me.

That being said, I appreciate your patience (if you are still reading) in waiting for my top 31 CDs of 2009 blogstravaganza. I promise it’s coming, and I am almost ready to unleash lots of music goodness on you; I am just putting the final touches on the order of the list. Stay tuned! Sorry for all of the run around; things have been crazy in my life!

5SF: june 26

JESUS it is hot. HOT HOT HOT!!!! I can’t get over how hot it already is this year; it just makes me want to stay indoors at all times. Other than the heat, I got some good news today: I filed for residency at KSU, and it was accepted!! Now… to get into the nursing program… baby steps… But enough about that; it’s time for today’s five songs!

Gossip – Pop Goes The World
Holy song of the summer, Batman! Seriously, this one is going to make the hot months much more bearable. I have posted about the Gossip in the past, because I absolutely love the unique and powerful voice of the amazing Beth Ditto. Well, they released their newest album, Music For Men, this week, and so far, this is my favorite track on the album. This song is almost impossible not to dance and sing to; I love the tribal drumming and sticky sweet backing synth. I LOVE the crescendo the song grows to at about 1:25 in; it is epic!

Wave Machines – I Go I Go I Go

Another free song offered on the UK iTunes, I Go I Go I Go is a fresh, and hip dance rock track for summer as well. It really reminds me of awesome bands like Vampire Weekend, and even the Lightning Seeds. This track is as fresh as recently laid out produce, and I have been loving it more and more with each listen. I LOVE when I find random, awesome tracks like this. Thanks UK iTunes (even though I couldn’t buy it/get it for free like the other UKers)!

Safetysuit – Annie
This one is a “discovered while my ipod was running on shuffle” track. I added Safetysuit’s album, Life Left To Go, a while ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to a real listen. This track really stood out to me during the shuffle, and hearing talent like this really confuses me even more why people still love bands like Nickelback. If you like their “style”, Safetysuit is doing it, only better, and without the repetition (admit it, all of Nickelback’s songs are the same!! Stop the madness people!). I, for one, am glad that I found Safetysuit, and this great track (which really reminds me of what I LOVE about Our Lady Peace; the story telling, unique male vocals, and blaring distorted guitars). I only wish Safetysuit were getting the publicity that NB is.

Michael Johns – Heart On My Sleeve
I’m going to be totally honest: I didn’t care very much that he was even in the top 10 on American Idol. Yes, I thought he could sing beautifully, but since he wasn’t a “front runner” in my eyes, it was easy for me to ignore him. However, being that I definitely think AI has gained a really credible means of spotting true talent over the seasons, I wanted to check out his release when I saw it on iTunes earlier this week. Well, this song, the first track off of the album, has all of the vocal grittiness of Daughtry, with a tendency to lean more towards a Take That style (not to mention that it sounds A LOT like their amazing track, Rule the World). Overall, if for no other reason that I found this great track, I’m glad that I gave Michael another chance.

Alexisonfire – Burial
At this point, there really shouldn’t be any surprise to any of you how deep my love for Dallas Green (aka City and Colour) runs. Be that as it may, Dallas sings in Alexisonfire, a post-hardcore band, which, I have to say, is NOT my cup of tea. After hearing City and Colour, it is almost a shock that Dallas is even a driving force in Alexisonfire at all. However, they released a new album this week, and with the last track on the album, Dallas injected a MAJOR dose of his folk sensibility into the record, and I couldn’t be more elated, as it is a gorgeous song. I’m glad that Dallas tenderized at least one track on the album, because it gives folk lovers like me a chance to love something about a band that I probably wouldn’t otherwise listen to.

Well, there you have it! Five fresh tracks that are definitely music to my ears; what about to yours? Let me know what you liked or didn’t like, and as always, please tell me what you are listening to.

I feel compelled to say, that no, I did not feel the need to post any Michael Jackson songs, as I am not what I would consider, a fan of his music. I liked some songs, but nothing to the level of “love”, so I didn’t feel any need to stretch that, just because of his death. Anyway, there really isn’t anything that I could “introduce” you to about his music, which is kind of the point of the 5SF in the first place, so there we go.

Have a great weekend, and STAY COOL!

I’m this close

…to completely giving up. I have applied, taken classes, kissed ass, sent in form after fucking form, and it is all apparently not enough. I cannot get into a fucking nursing program to save my life. I am really close to just saying, “fuck it, universe, you win”. I just got off of the phone with GPC to ask why my status wasn’t changed on their website, because I have sent in the “change of status” form 3 times now, and I have found out that they still haven’t changed it, and want me to resubmit it. What for? Just for shits and grins? You have got to be fucking kidding me.

If I hear ANYONE say anything about how they “can’t believe that there is such a shortage of nurses” in Georgia, I will let them know why. I am smart, have great grades, and most of all, the drive to do the damn job, and even I can’t get my foot in the door. I have been trying to get into other schools, and they keep listing me as an out of state resident, which both quadruples the tuition, as well as puts me at the end of the list, after all of the in state residents (which is practically an instant rejection, since there is such a shortage of these programs in Georgia). I can see why kids graduating from college in Georgia could have a bleak outlook for their future; good luck finding college in this state.

Needless to say, I am MORE than frustrated right now, but I am VERY happy that I at least have a job; no I am not that diluted by my disappointment to forget that majorly important fact.

/upset rant

tuesday january 20

Tuesday, January 20, 2009… a historical date? Looks like it. As someone who is definitely proud to have voted for Barack Obama, I can say that it is pretty cool to have our first black president taking the oath this morning (now, when is spell check going to be updated to recognize his name?). While everyone is a flutter with excitement, I can’t help but just be happy, and nothing more. I have been going through some personal stuff lately, and while I am okay (don’t worry, people!), I am still very ho hum and a bit depressed. Here’s a few random updates so you can get a feel for what’s going on in duaneland these days:

  • I hate when people talk about the weather like it’s a revelation. Yes, I noticed it was cold outside, because I walked through the brisk wind to get into the building; just like you did. Now, can we go back to not talking? There were two women talking at the gas pump this morning about how cold it was, and well, they were just annoying. Maybe I’m just annoyed too easily by things like this, but it is like I have said before, any time you want to point out the completely obvious, just know that you are opening yourself up to my ridicule.
  • James and I have been talking about the wedding, and honestly, the whole thing has caused us to have to re-think the entire event. Yes, we are still moving forward, but I don’t know what’s actually going to happen, nor do I know when. So, just stay tuned.
  • I’ve seen some really entertaining movies lately. That’s always a good thing.
  • I think a lot of my funk has to do with this snail’s pace that life seems to be taking for me, especially with regards to keeping the whole nursing thing going. After not getting into the accelerated program, I have just been met with more and more frustration, but I am determined to keep going. I am applying to two different programs for Fall, so fingers crossed, I will keep moving this juggernaut forward. It’s hard not to feel like Sisyphus right now, which again, is probably a huge part of my frustration/depressive state.
  • Apathy is a motherfucker. It’s got me by the balls right now, and I can’t figure out how to shake it. It makes me think of my friend Michael’s tag line on his LJ; fight apathy! or not… So funny, but so true.
  • I feel like I am just coasting right now, and I think that is part of the problem. I am working on it, but I just wish everything wasn’t an uphill battle. Is it so bad that one might want to just stay in bed all day?!
  • After having issues with my iPod Touch, I decided to restore it, and now, it seems a lot happier, and appears to be working normally. I just wish Apple products weren’t so bitchy when you use them with windows. Seriously, Apple, we like you, but don’t punish us because we cannot afford your amazing, but expensive, computers too.

Enough doom and gloom… I just thought it would be beneficial to get some of this stuff out. I hope everyone has a fantastical inauguration day. Congratulations to the Obama’s is certainly in order, and I for one, hope that the nation gets better because of the fact that they are taking the reigns from here.

a couple of quick notes about me of the now

  • As November gets closer to its end, I am more and more excited (and at the same time, anxious) about my annual blogging tradition of picking, and blogging my top 31 CDs of the year. There are some amazing records on this year’s list, and with each week’s subsequent CD releases, it’s only make things more difficult for me at this point. A wide variety of music tastes will be represented, so make sure you tune in all month long in December for each new entry.
  • I got the test results back for my fourth Microbiology test today: I got a 93. With an 87, a 97, and a 90 on the previous tests, as well as the professor dropping our lowest test, I am going into the final with a 93 test average. Let’s just say that this is very unexpected to say the least. Here’s hoping I can turn out an A in this class! I need it for my GPA!
  • Speaking of school, I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t get into Kennesaw for Summer. While I am definitely bummed about it, I am looking at it as a potential blessing; perhaps I wasn’t supposed to go to KSU? Perhaps I wasn’t meant to go that semester? Whatever happens, I am moving forward with GSU, and I am going to re-apply to KSU for fall. I am going to be a nurse, goddammit! You will not stop me! (I do have to say though, that the program at KSU is TINY, and they said that there were over 400 applicants, so I shouldn’t feel so bad about it. There just aren’t a lot of program options in Metro Atlanta for nursing; no wonder there’s a shortage.)
  • I got the shading done on my phoenix half-sleeve last night, and it is REALLY looking quite amazing now. I can’t wait for the color to be done, but that is at least a month or so out… right now, I am just tending to my tender flesh after last night’s needling. I have to say though, that it is no where NEAR as tender as it was last time for whatever reason; and I am not complaining in anyway about it!

music releases and a nice surprise (or two)

First, I will bring out the surprise: remember how I was complaining about my Microbiology test, because it was so hard? Well, I must be a good guesser, because I got the highest grade in the class… a 97. Um, wow?!! I am happy about that, to say the least. Also, the professor sent out an email saying that this was the hardest material that we will cover, which is basically a big sigh of relief for me!!

Secondly, I was super excited about at least one music release this Tuesday: the release of of Jon McLaughlin’s second, highly anticipated CD. His first record really struck a chord with me, so much so, that it made a solid spot on my 31 CDs of 2007 list. I love piano rock, and this guy is cute to boot!! Needless to say, I ran out to Best Buy during lunch to pick up his newest CD, OK Now, because when you make good graces with me musically, I generally keep paying attention to anything you have going on, especially that which you may have coming up next.

Well, while I was at Best Buy (mine and Deb’s usual Tuesday ritual), we were looking around per usual, and I noticed that there was an Aqualung CD on the end cap that I had never heard of. A quick flip over of the CD case, and I noticed that it was released in 2008! What?!?! Aqualung has a new CD (called Words and Music) out?? Well, according to Amazon, not only does Aqualung have a new CD out, but it came out today! Score!!! I totally didn’t know that, and I am totally jazzed that I saw it. I snagged it as well, because Aqualung not only made my top 31 last year with his amazing Memory Man CD, but he made the top ten as well; the album is pretty flawless. Now, while I didn’t know he was coming out with a CD today, I can’t say how happy I am that I was able to snap it up, because if it is anything like his previous work, I am sure it is going to be good. So this is a bit of a surprise too… especially for other Aqualung fans that didn’t know he was coming out with a record today… like me!

So here’s to surprise A’s, and surprise CD finds when going out for other potentially great records from favorite artists!


James and I were invited to go see the Tech game this weekend with the lovely Mr. Pbody and hakeber, and after sitting in the direct sun for a few hours, my head is BURNED.

The worst, is that I cut my hear very short (buzzed), and as a result, my actual scalp is burnt. Since we are going on a cruise later on this week, I am going to be sure to pack two things indeed; sun screen and hats. Lots of hats.


In school related rants, I am half way into this Microbiology class, and I am more than over it! The questions on the most recent test were so detailed, and the amount of information required for the test was staggering to say the least. I will be happy when I have this one behind me for sure. The lab midterm is this week, and I hope that I do really well on it; especially considering it is 50% of my grade. Why do they have to do that in these classes? I mean, if you want me to LEARN it, why make it so I have to cram, and am more likely than not, most likely to forget most it? I don’t get it. I am still waiting to hear about nursing school at Kennesaw, so I want to be sure and do well in this class; but I don’t see an A in my foreseeable future, which does stress me out.

…deep breath… put on a smile… there you go…

So after looking back over the requirements for applying to GSU (again), it looks like I have to take two MORE classes BEFORE the program semester in which I am applying. I knew that I had to take them, but was unclear if I had to take them BEFORE the program started. Oh well, because there is no way I could have done anything about that before this spring anyway, because they have to be taken AT GSU, and I only got in recently for spring. So, I guess I will just take them in the spring, and postpone applying to the program, and instead, apply for fall; which is definitely frustrating, but not the end of the world. Seriously, it just seems like so many hurdles to go back to school; no wonder there is a shortage of nurses. They make it so difficult to do something simple (such as fulfill requirements), and it seems like time has got to be your friend… you need it to get where you can finally get into a program. Also, it is so difficult to work and go back to school… people that do it really know what I am talking about. Thank GOD my job is flexible.

Given this bad-ish news, the good news is that I did apply to KSU, and I don’t know the status of that application. I REALLY hope that I can get in there, which would make it more attractive to go there; I could start next summer. I like the idea of going to another school too, because I have already been to GSU; even though going to GSU is so much closer to my house. Additionally, I am scared shitless about what I am going to do for money during the time that I am school; I have no idea how to supplement my salary without working. I don’t want to take out a shitload of loans, but it seems like that might by my best option as of right now. I wonder how much they let students borrow; especially if they have loads of loans already under their belt? I guess I will find out, and then freak out accordingly. Again, how do people do this?!

I just feel so tied up, and I feel like I am wiggling, and wiggling, but the ropes are only slightly loosening. I just want to get there, and it seems like I have spent over a year of doing nothing but hurrying up to wait more… and all that lies before me is more waiting.

It’s just frustrating. Really, really frustrating. However, I KNOW that I just have to take deep breaths, put a smile on my face, and keep moving. But that doesn’t make it easy to do so. I guess I should just keep repeating that to myself, because days like this, it is really, really hard. Sorry to have a downer of a post, but eh, there it is. I’m dealing, so that’s all I have for you. Maybe something more upbeat will put a real smile on my face soon… here’s hoping.

update, I guess?

It seems like I don’t have much to post about these days… or perhaps it is that I only have mundane things to post about? Either way, I feel like I could at least do a bulleted update list or something, to give y’all the 411 on what’s going on in the wonderful world of duane.

  • I have officially ran out of classes to take for my pre-requisites. I am taking Microbiology this fall, and after that, I just have to wait to get into a program. I am really anxious about getting into one right away, because I REALLY want to get moving on this nursing degree. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
  • Speaking of taking that one class, just getting the random holds off of my account at GPC was more than a headache that lasted from early June all the way through this week. Currently, things are okay, but it was REALLY frustrating to deal with… especially when you call the registration and administration services offices at any of their campuses, and all it does is ring five times before you get a voicemail. Is anyone working there? I mean, they have extended hours for crying out loud! Ugh, I am just glad I have things squared away with GPC.
  • I have officially applied to Kennesaw and Georgia State. I am awaiting my friendly “you got in, yay” packet, so that I can then apply to each one of their nursing programs. I REALLY want to get in and start taking the next steps to becoming a nurse. I am so freaking ready it isn’t even funny.
  • I mentioned a while back that I wanted a new lens for my birthday, but I ended up getting that before I went on my NYC trip. I have decided to wait a little while and see what Apple is going to do, but I have pretty much promised myself that I will be obtaining an iPod touch in the near future. I hope that they come out with one that has more than 32gb, and is cheaper than $500. It would be awesome to throw a camera on that thing too; because I think that the iPhone is awesome, and I would like to have everything BUT the phone. Hurry Apple! I’m anxious!
  • We are still loving the counter tops, sink, and new faucet. I literally walk into the kitchen every time, and cannot believe that it is my house. It was the last thing about our house that we wanted to desperately change, and it has been done… I love our house even more now!
  • Other than dealing with trying to get transcripts out, holds taken off of accounts, applications in, and other whatnot, I have been hanging out with friends and having a pretty good last few weeks. My mood seems to be in an upswing, and I am not complaining about that in the least. I just wish I could get rid of my extreme sensitivity to heat. I really feel like people think that I am making it up sometimes just for attention, which is far from the truth. The other night, we were at a cookout, and I had to leave really abruptly, or pass out. Seriously, I sat in the car for like 10 minutes with the AC on full blast just to keep my food down, and my self conscious. It was awful. I just wish that it didn’t bother me as bad as it does.
  • Lastly, I guess, Soul Calibur IV, while it may make me REALLY frustrated at times when the opponent is a seemingly perfect god of moves and penetrating skills, is an amazing game. They have improved over the Soul Calibur franchise considerably, and the graphics are nothing short of jaw droppingly beautiful. It is also a hoot to play as Yoda, because he says a bunch of his little catch phrases, and well, he’s just so damn cute! It’s a great game, and a must for any fighting game fan. The Xbox 360 continually impresses me with it’s graphical prowess.

Alright, that’s it for now. Back to life…

maybe it’s a sign?

Well, I have had a pickle of a time with trying to apply to the accelerated RN program at Perimeter, which has gotten me thinking; MAYBE this is a sign. Maybe I should be just applying to a regular BSN accelerated program; and there are two who’s deadlines are months away. So… that’s what I think I am going to do.

The only thing is, that I will have to do it full time, so I will have to figure out some way to attract a magic money fairy in order to sustain my lifestyle. Shit, maybe I’ll just borrow more money; I ONLY have 40k in student loans right now… what’s 30k more? Either way, it may not be what I planned, but it was originally what I wanted to do, so maybe it’s for the best. Now… here’s hoping I can get in. Jeez… Stress!

Also, I am seriously lusting after this lens (actually using it at lunch DID NOT HELP). I know that I said “for my birthday”, but I really want it now (don’t we all want things right away when we want them?). I am thinking about getting it soon, because I am going to NYC in a couple of weeks, and it would be PERFECT for my trip. It is difficult to justify such a massive expense, but it is worth it, right? Why can’t I win the damn lottery already??!

Ah… the things in life we stress over, right? Oh yeah, and it’s damn hot out too! HA!