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weekend walk through the park

Yesterday, James and I took the doggies out to the park for a nice walk, and I took my camera, and snapped some great pictures. Here are a few of them:
us at the park
mr. pickles looks intense
This was actually Mr. Pickles’ first visit to the doggie park. He had a lot of fun, while Sydney did his typical, “why are there other dogs here?” stand offish thing. It was a nice little Sunday afternoon thing to do with my family, and hopefully, will motivate me to continue to taking more pictures; something that I REALLY need to do.

adele @ the variety, march 19, 2009

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the amazing, two time 2009 Grammy winner, Adele, live and in concert. My friend Jason and I headed out to the show, and while I knew it was going to be good, I didn’t expect to be as amazing as it was.
Adele @ The Variety Playhouse ATL 3/17/09
First up, Kameron Corvet opened for her, and he was delightful. I loved his acoustic style, and he sings beautifully. I loved his cover of Little Red Corvette, and his set, while short, was impressive. This local artist definitely made some new fans last night. My only complaint, is that I wish he sang in his regular range more than he sings in falsetto, because his “regular” voice is beautiful. It has touches of John Legend and Michael Jackson to it, and is beautiful on its own without the need for too much falsetto.

After Kameron left the stage, it wasn’t long before the amazing Adele took the mic. While I was watching her perform, it was really difficult to believe that she is only 19 years old; she commanded that stage like a seasoned professional. She was so cute, and adorable in the way that she genuinely had a great time performing, and I love seeing someone who genuinely seems to be having a good time while they are performing. She giggled and laughed in between songs, waved to the audience, and proclaimed her gratitude for everyone coming out to see her; she seemed surprised that so many people knew who she was. She even told of how she acquired her “drag queen eyelashes” earlier that day in Little Five Points, as well as how much she enjoyed seeing Atlanta for the first time. I thought it was a bit strange that someone in the front held up a CD for her to sign, but she did sign it between songs, and was very sweet about it. Overall, she came across as a beautiful person as well as a beautiful singer.
Adele @ The Variety Playhouse ATL 3/17/09
One of the things that I like most about Adele, is her beautiful voice, and fantastic song writing skill. I love how she uses her voice more as an instrument, which takes her songs from being simply sung, to truly performed; which translated amazingly live. Also, she played both the guitar and the bass on several songs, and did so effortlessly.

It is rare that you see someone live who is arguably better than they are on their CD (even though, she is pitch perfect, and fantastic on her CD), and Adele definitely falls into this elite category. Her voice was flawless, and her live singing ability was very impressive. She has a powerful gift, and I feel privileged to have gotten the opportunity to see her in such an intimate venue. As I mentioned to Jason after the show, this is the reason I love going to concerts; sometimes, you have an opportunity to see a truly amazing artist who’s talent just blows you away. Adele’s performance was nothing short of amazing, and after seeing her live, I definitely consider her amongst my favorite singers. She played a bit of a new song last night as well, and it was beautiful; I can’t wait to hear more from this beautiful Brit. Overall, it was an amazing night, and an amazing performance, and I am glad that I was able to be a part of it.

(to see all of my pictures from the show, click here.)

a burst of creative energy

…and maybe even a well needed kick in the butt. This weekend, I managed to hang some kitchen things we bought at IKEA (one of which has been in the cabinet for well over a year!), and did a little tidying up around the house; both of which were much to James’ surprise. It was also a surprise to me, because I have been overwhelmed with apathy lately (see, it’s going on in many, many aspects of my life… not just the blog!). Well, the best part, was that I kept that momentum going, and ended up going for a long overdue, much needed photo stroll with Brody and Broderick (my “Bros”… Come on, I thought it was funny… HA!) in Little Five Points.
fierceness, you're doing it right.
I had an awesome time hanging with those guys, and managed to get more than a few pictures that I consider to be pretty darn good. I went with only my 10-22mm lens, because even though it is my favorite, I don’t feel like I use it enough, and I need practice with it. I am glad that they set it up, because I have been neglecting my camera and photography for months now, and while it has been largely because of my apathy, sometimes little steps like this are monumental for me. I hope that it signals an upswing of photography, and potentially, other hobbies of mine to take more time in my life. I do know that I mentioned to Brody that we should make this a regular thing, and I have to say, that I believe that to be a great idea indeed… so where do we go next?!

mingafred/bobaling wedding

However you want to call it, mingafred or bobaling (the combining of mingaling and bobafred), two of my close friends, Lori and Brian got hitched this weekend. It was an intimate, and beautiful ceremony. They had their own flair, and added a crazy tradition (which was effin’ cool) or two, which made the ceremony both enjoyable, and lovely. After the ceremony, we all ate a gourmet dinner, and after dinner, there was dancing and fun; everyone seemed to have an amazing time. They also had a photo booth at the reception, which was such a great idea, and provided for lots of fun, and I am sure, some amazing memories.
the send off
I wish these two the utmost luck and congratulations… I love you guys, and thanks for inviting us along for your special day! Oh, and Lori… I will be definitely requesting some of your services for our wedding; you have got some mad craft skills!!

There are a ton of photos up on flickr, and by clicking on the one above, you can go there and check them out for yourself.

Lady GaGa @ Bazaar Atlanta 10/29/08

Lady GaGa @ Bazaar ATL, 10/29/08Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the amazing Lady GaGa live, at a very intimate venue, the bar Bazaar, in Midtown Atlanta. The place was standing room only, and the place was packed with eager fans waiting to see Ms. GaGa take the “stage” (which was just a big plywood box that they put up at the front of the bar).

We arrived early, so as to make sure we had a great view, and ended up being in the front “row”. After waiting a couple of hours, the white limo pulled up outside, and the tension in the room grew; we were ready for our diva to take the mic and turn out the beats. I have to gripe here for a second, though, because people who think that they can just come up to the front, and stand in front of people that have been patiently waiting for two hours can get a freaking clue. Seriously, no less than 3 people tried to do that, and I told them to shove off… I usually just deal with it, but I was NOT going to stand behind someone at this show. After waiting for a while after the limo pulled up, and after telling several people to move to the back where there was plenty of room, Lady GaGa busted in, and seriously brought down the house. Just before she came out, her dancers came down to make sure they had enough room, and the one dancing in front of me said, “make sure to keep this area clear; there will be a LOT of dancing right here”. Hell yes.

She was full of energy, dancing and gyrating through several of her major songs, like Just Dance, Beautiful Dirty Rich, and her current single, Poker Face. After an energetic performance filled with complicated choreography, a dance with a disco stick, and acrobatic routines, the Lady treated us to one of the songs that was included on the American release of her record (which was finally released earlier this week), Starstruck (which I absolutely LOVE).

The beats were massive, the sound was booming, and her vocals were flawless. I consider myself extremely lucky to see someone as hugely talented as Lady GaGa in such an intimate setting, and I enjoyed the concert thoroughly; as did everyone else in the place by the feeling of all that energy. I was also completely happy that Stu, John, Michael, and Broderick were there… we all had a blast. GaGa came in, completely delivered, and even stuck around for autographs after her show (which was incredible, considering that she opened for the New Kids earlier that night before playing for us!).

Overall, it was a massive show, and it was amazing. When I met her after the show, I excitedly told her that I loved her, and she simply told me that she loved me as well. *squee!* This is definitely a show that I won’t forget for some time. I’m glad that I had the chance to go out and “just dance” with the Lady that is GaGa.

Be sure to check out the other photos that I took on flickr; you can get there by clicking on the one above. I got some freaking great shots, and I am so glad that I defended my up front position so that I could get them!! (note: a post similar to this one is posted on Jiingo as well!)

city and colour/tegan and sara @ the tabernacle 9-30-08

On Tuesday night, James and I threw caution to the wind, and went out on a school night to see one of the most amazing acts that I have come across in a long time, City and Colour; as well as Tegan and Sara, whom he was opening for. In case I haven’t gotten you to listen to Dallas Green’s solo project, City and Colour before now, you must do yourself a favor; this guy is the real deal. Check this out:

Amazing. His set, albeit short, was amazing. His sound is so beautiful, and his voice literally makes me weak in the knees. I am so glad that he was on the Tegan and Sara tour, so that I could see him perform live. After his performance, James and me went to the merch booth, and picked up his CD in hopes that he would come out and we could meet him. James asked the merch guy (who was this hot tattooed from head to toe guy) if Dallas came out after the show, and he told James that he does, and usually just walks around… he told us to keep an eye out for the flanel. Well, about 15 minutes later, James and I spotted Dallas walking around the Tabernacle, and he was kind enough to pose for a couple of pictures, and sign autographs for us, and some other fans. It was kind of funny, really, because he seemed a bit overwhelmed, like he didn’t expect anyone to want to meet him or anything. He seemed like a really humble, and incredibly sweet guy. I was glad we met him and got autographs; I love meeting artists, and it is certainly great when they are as talented as Dallas.

After the meet and greet, we went back in and enjoyed Tegan and Sara for a while before heading home. I have to say, that I liked them before, but I am definitely more of a fan after seeing them live; they were cute and very good live. Overall, the concert was great, and while the first opening band Girl in a Coma, was not my cup of tea (the lead singer did this really creepy look with her eyes the whole time!), they were very good as well. It was a great night of music.


While we were watching Girl in a Coma, and waiting for City and Colour to take the stage, this annoying fucking drunk bitch pushed her way up behind James and myself, and proceeded to shout everything she was thinking or feeling at the moment to her douchebag drunk boyfriend. It got to one point that they were fighting about her standing too close to some guy, and something about her cheating, and she was furious, and just shouting over City and Colour at that point. I literally turned around, and got about a foot from her face, and I put my finger over my mouth and loudly said, “SHHHHHH”, in her face. It shut her up for the moment, but it wasn’t long before both of those assholes were talking over the act again. Everyone around us was frustrated as well, because you could see people turning around to see what the fuck was up with these two who clearly had never heard of the word “tact”, and were fighting in the middle of a standing room only concert. The girl in front of me turned to them as asked them to be quiet, and they got uppity with her, and I turned around again, in both of their faces and yelled, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”, to which the asshole boyfriend informed me he could do what he wanted. I told them to shut the fuck up, and go to the back if they wanted to fight, because I payed to see City and Colour, NOT to listen to them run their mouths. After that, I was literally shaking with anger; if that guy had of kept talking, I think I would have decked him. I don’t get mad very often, but when people act like they did, it really makes my blood boil; especially when I have paid to see something, and they are actively set on ruining it. Overall, I don’t know how people like that make it in life, because they were so fucking rude, I doubt they have any friends or do anything outside of their own selfish lives; being considerate is apparently not a trait learned by everyone. Needless to say, I let it get to me, which made me madder, but I couldn’t just stand there any let them ruin an otherwise amazing performance. If you watch this other video (below), you will also notice in it how you can hear people talking; which I just don’t get why people can’t shut up and listen to the act playing. So what if they are the opening act, they might be the one that someone next to you is there to here; show the respect that they deserve, and be courteous to your fellow concert goer, okay?!

I am glad we high tailed away from the couple from hell after City and Colour left the stage, because they started back up as soon as he was done. Assholes.

dallas green and meEither way, I got to meet Dallas (see here to the left, it’s me, and Dallas!), who was super nice, and all in all, I think that it was worth having to put up with inconsiderate assholes in order to see him and Tegan and Sara live. I really, really hope I never encounter people like that at another concert, because it really ruins the fun that you are supposed to have at a show, and has the potential to ruin an otherwise good night. Thank goodness we got away from them when we did, and I am just glad that I said something, because if I hadn’t, I would have been even more angry.

On a final photography related note, if you want to see the other photos that I took, be sure to check out the set on flickr.

the presets/cut copy @ masquerade 9-27-08

Last night, we went to see The Presets and Cut Copy at the Masquerade. Both acts were amazing, and it was a fantastic show. I was more excited to see the Presets, because I have really been enjoying their record for many months now. They totally deliver live, and I was very pleased with their show. The lighting was especially amazing.

I wasn’t really that interested in Cut Copy initially, because for whatever reason, their record just hadn’t meshed with me, but I can say that after last night, I will be spending a little more time with it. They were great in their own right, even though they really didn’t harness the lighting to move the crowd as much as the Presets did. I did state several times during their act that they were much better than their record let on, however, so I was pleased to find them great in concert.

Both acts were fantastic, and the vibe at the Masquerade was awesome. People were dancing, and the floor was literally pulsating from the bodies and energy. It was a great concert, and a great night with friends.