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artist watch: Tom Walker

Dang! I love this! This guy has a beautiful voice, smooth sound, and he is pretty easy on the eyes. Apparently he has an EP out, Blessings, on iTunes, which is giving me a flavor of Jack Garrett, mixed with a little Rag’n’Bone Man, and some Alex Clare thrown in for good measure; sadly this song is not on the EP. Certainly one to watch; the talent here is major! Can’t wait for a proper full length release from this guy!

sotd: HAIM – Want You Back

Good lord I love these three sisters. They are crazy-talented, and I have been eagerly awaiting a follow up album to their flawless debut, Days Are Gone (which came out four years ago!!!). I saw them on tour, and their talent is palpable; the concert was amazing. Now, this is their first single (?) from their upcoming album, which is due in July 17, 2017. Needless to say, I am waiting with bated breath for this one, as if this is any indicator of the upcoming release, these girls are unstoppable!!

sotd: Troye Sivan – Wild

Not often do I stumble on a new artist that completely takes me by storm, and I become instantly, obsessively, incessantly transfixed on their voice, their music, and need to hear everything I can get my hands on by them. Well, that’s exactly what happened when my buddy Jamie told me to listen to Troye Sivan. Sivan is a 20 year old, out, Australian actor, singer/songwriter who’s song Wild, which has a beautiful, hauntingly touching video, has me completely obsessed, and after hearing his two EPs, TRXYE and Wild, has me incredibly hungry to hear more from this incredibly talented young singer.

sotd: Sia – Elastic Heart

It’s amazing to me, how an amazing video can make me OBSESSED with a song, even a song that I had previously, erroneously, overlooked. After seeing this video, much like after I saw the video for Chandelier, I was entranced, and I have had Elastic Heart on repeat ever since. There is something about Maddie Ziegler that is captivating; she is a magnificent dancer, and really captures the emotion of the choreography beautifully. Also, the song is gorgeous.

Also, to think that people have issues with this video is bullshit. It is obviously a powerful emotional statement that Sia felt the need to place her incredible artistic spin on, and I found it breathtaking. To me, it appears to be a very emotional, and raw, interaction between a girl and her father, and Shia’s emotional acting is intense and vulnerable. Somehow, people got pedophilia out of this, and I am honestly just shaking my head wondering why. Sia ended up apologizing for the video, which incenses me; this is art, beautiful, emotive, and intensely personal art. Shame on you if you felt the need to turn it into something else. Sia, keep doing what you are doing, because you are a true artist, and a magnificent one, at that.


So, two of my favorite vocalists, Dallas Green (my favorite artist, AKA City and Colour), and the incredible Alecia Moore (AKA P!nk) have teamed up to make a beautiful record, and the result is called You+Me. Their first song, You+Me, is incredible.

This is the type of music that makes me get chills when I listen; it is beautifully written, and the harmonies, thematic elements, and haunting musicality all weave together to form something incredibly beautiful. I am so happy these two got together, because they are arguably two of the strongest vocalists in music today; and the style of each blending together is heaven. Two extremely strong songwriters together definitely makes for incredible music; and this is clearly no exception.

From what I have read, P!nk said this was a love song for her mom, which is incredibly touching and crazy beautiful.

Needless to say, I cannot wait for this album!!! Fortunately, I only have to wait until next week. Rose Ave is out next week, October 14. I’ve already pre-ordered, and I highly suggest you do as well. Thanks John for telling me about this project!! I just hope they tour for this album!!!

tonight’s thoughts on ms spears

I found myself listening to a lot of Britney this evening, and it has really hit me; Femme Fatale was not only a fucking amazing album, it had basically, all singles; save like two songs. Strong, strong album… I mean, Criminal? That song is GOLD. Til the World Ends? Dance anthem; it will be playing at my end of the world party. Let’s just say this: THAT REMIX WITH KESHA AND NICKI MINAJ SAYS IT ALL. She even “dabbled” in dub-step with Seal it With a Kiss, and NAILED IT. There’s a reason number four of her four number one singles (seriously, she’s only had four… WTF), came from this album.

Then, I get a little disheveled. She follows Femme Fatale with perhaps the most phoned-in album of her career? What the hell!?! I mean, they say Blackout was her phoned in album (albeit, pretty brilliant, surprisingly), but she practically left Work Bitch as a voicemail it was so phoned in (yes, it was catchy, but if this were Femme Fatale, it wouldn’t have gotten up off of the cutting room floor). Now, let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, it isn’t all bad. I fucking LOVE Perfume; that, like Criminal, is highly underrated, and is arguably pretty high amongst her top 20 songs. But let’s be honest, most of Britney Jean is pretty shit, and that, to quote Britney herself, makes me feel like “I’m sad”. I love my girl, and I want her making the type of pop I KNOW she’s capable of; looking at her track record, you can’t deny the consistency and staying power.

Sorry, jut had to get that off my chest. I love Britney. Always have, always will. Bitch has been through some shit, and whether you love or hate her, you have to acknowledge that she’s a fighter, and when she’s properly medicated (we all have some mental issues, and treatment is the key), she’s a true diva. Hopefully, the next album will bring her back to the spotlight she deserves. Now I kinda want to go to Vegas and see her before her residency ends… perhaps I should talk to James about that…

sotd: You+Me – You and Me

Thanks to my friend John Hersman for alerting me to this MASTERPIECE!!! Holy shit… City and Colour, my favorite, favorite, favorite band/singer-songwriter, teaming with one of my other favorite singer-songwriters, P!nk? This is AMAZING. What a gorgeous ballad, beautiful love song, and, I know, just a taste of a crazy-amazing album to follow.

I cannot wait for October 14.

sotd: Betty Who – Somebody Loves You

Oooo! Somebody loves you! Somebody misses you when you’re away! They want to wake up with you everyday! Somebody wants to hear you say-ay! Somebody loves you!!

This is a little bit Dragonette, a little bit Pipettes, and a little bit Alphabeat, and a LOT of amazing!!! Living for this song right now!!!

Also, can we talk about how ADORABLE Betty Who is?? I mean, whoa! Love this!!