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5SF: january 6

Howdy friends!! Welcome to the new year! No, I haven’t come to bring you the year end countdown of the best albums of 2011 yet, because frankly, I haven’t gotten the list finalized yet. I seemingly love working all of the time, but I do promise that it will come soon (perhaps next week?!). In the mean time, here is some new music that I have recently started listening to.

honeyhoney – Don’t Know How

I first “heard” of honeyhoney almost a year ago; the song LA River was playing in the background on a scene during an episode of Brothers and Sisters. I found out because I took to the internets for research, and obviously to find and download that amazing track, but alas, nothing came of it. Then, I put it on my “to be downloaded list”, and honestly, kind of forgot about it. Then today, I noticed that Amazon was offering a free playlist of songs from “people they liked”, and a honeyhoney song was on it! Turns out the album Billy Jack was released in October! Sweet! So why didn’t I feature that song, you may ask? Well, as much as I love LA River still, this song is incredible. The female singer’s vocal reminds me a lot of Brandi Carlile, and I cannot get enough of the country-rock vibe of this delightful song. The album is great as well! I guess good things do come to those who wait; those who wait, and then randomly, almost a year later, are reminded of something excellent by something completely unrelated.

Green River Ordinance – Dancing Shoes

This one falls into the category of songs that I have discovered by listening to SiriusXM radio. This is a beautiful ballad alt-folk track that reminds me a little of Counting Crows (mostly the lead singer’s voice), but with a freshness of current hot bands like Mumford and Sons. This is a gorgeous song, and one that I have been listening to on repeat since I Shazamed it a few days ago.

Plug In Stereo – Oh Darling feat. Cady Groves

Look a here! Another track discovered directly from good old SiriusXM. This is a little bit Hellogoodbye with a healthy touch of Bright Eyes. I love stuff like this. The song is so sweet, even if it does remind me a little of that massively overplayed Hey There Delilah by Plain White Ts. Either way, another excellent discovery thanks to SiriusXM; maybe I shouldn’t cancel my subscription, even though they took away my BBC Radio One months ago…

fun. – We Are Young feat. Janelle Monae

So apparently this was on Glee? I honestly don’t remember it. This is one of those songs that I found by accident months ago (see September), but for whatever reason, forgot about it. Then! I hear it playing on Chuck, and instantly, I am like, I KNOW THIS!!! Then I finally downloaded it properly. I absolutely love this track! It’s great! It reminds me a little bit of Jump, Little Children, a band most of you probably haven’t heard of, but the lead singer sounds like him nonetheless. Overall, a very fun (ha!), very radio-ready track. Thanks to Chuck for putting this one back on my radar screen!! This sounds like a song that should play over the credits of a high-school movie/coming of age dramady, doesn’t it?

Jessica Mauboy – Inescapable (Youngboyz Mix)

Ending on a dance note! This one is thanks to my buddy Stu posting it on my FB. I first heard of Jessica Mauboy when Stu alerted me to her sassy greatness back when she was in Young Divas, just after she was on Australian Idol, and then when she broke out on her own. She’s had a few songs that I liked, and it looks like she’s still up to it; this song is very danceable, and I can’t get enough. Thanks Stu for the heads up about this one!

So there’s a new 5SF, actually on a Friday for you!! I hope that you enjoyed the tracks that I picked; please let me know what you think. As always, please let me know what you are listening to as well. Remember, the best of 2011 albums countdown will be coming to this blog in the near future, so stay tuned! Til then!

get yer swimmies on!

While I wasn’t able to move heaven, I definitely moved a lot of earth to make the pool possible. The “easy set” pool has to be on level ground, and if you look at the picture, you can tell that it STILL isn’t on totally level ground:
guess what
However, it is REALLY close, so I am not going to worry about it anymore (next year, James and I agreed that someone else will be coming out to level the ground before we try to install the pool ourselves). I have a very sore back, and I just hope that this damn thing was worth all of the headache, blood, sweat, and tears that went into making it a reality. I am going to focus on enjoying it, and try not to dwell on the minor leaning thing.

I got in it yesterday after it filled, to put the salt in, and it was very cool and nice, even though I didn’t actually “go for a swim”. It is only about 3 and a 1/2 feet deep, so it isn’t really enough to “swim” in, but it is surely enough for me to float in and drink a well deserved Mai Tai (which I am still trying to find my favorite recipe) or seven. I just hope that I can enjoy the fruits of all my back-breaking labor, and hopefully have a few friends over to share in the fun. Who’s in?

*cricket cricket*

Yeah, I know I didn’t post a 5SF for this week… but with good reason!!! I was looking for a pool all day, and as such, was pretty quiet on the internet. Then yesterday, I was busy most of the day with house stuff, and a party. Today, more house work.

So we’ll just have to wait and see what greatness I can come up with next week to make it up to you, okay? I hope everyone has had a great weekend, and wish me luck as I go and rent a tiller to level the backyard for my pool today!!

a burst of creative energy

…and maybe even a well needed kick in the butt. This weekend, I managed to hang some kitchen things we bought at IKEA (one of which has been in the cabinet for well over a year!), and did a little tidying up around the house; both of which were much to James’ surprise. It was also a surprise to me, because I have been overwhelmed with apathy lately (see, it’s going on in many, many aspects of my life… not just the blog!). Well, the best part, was that I kept that momentum going, and ended up going for a long overdue, much needed photo stroll with Brody and Broderick (my “Bros”… Come on, I thought it was funny… HA!) in Little Five Points.
fierceness, you're doing it right.
I had an awesome time hanging with those guys, and managed to get more than a few pictures that I consider to be pretty darn good. I went with only my 10-22mm lens, because even though it is my favorite, I don’t feel like I use it enough, and I need practice with it. I am glad that they set it up, because I have been neglecting my camera and photography for months now, and while it has been largely because of my apathy, sometimes little steps like this are monumental for me. I hope that it signals an upswing of photography, and potentially, other hobbies of mine to take more time in my life. I do know that I mentioned to Brody that we should make this a regular thing, and I have to say, that I believe that to be a great idea indeed… so where do we go next?!

the 31 best of 2008 – 31: The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

Let’s get this party started right, shall we? First up on my year end list of the best 31 albums of 2008 is a record that should really get under your skin and drive you crazy, but doesn’t. First of all, you have Katie White’s shrill-like vocal styling; that you will either LOVE, or seriously hate. For me… it’s serious love. Also, I have this thing when I hear a song, and they repeat the same thing (be it a repetitive rhythm, or vocal) over, and over, and over, and over… I freak out. I hate it. However, The Tings Tings
have done something that rarely happens; they have done that very thing… over, and over, and over, and instead of hating it… I LOVE IT. The first time I heard Great DJ, there was something catchy, intense, and so simple that it had to work; and it really pulled me in. After I listened to this album, I realized that this record is one of those perfect albums for dancing your butt off in your room, hoping that your mom won’t walk in on you looking like a fool to; but even if she did, she would probably think you were pretty cool because of who you were listening to. This is one of those bands that make indie-dance pop so sexy and cool, that I bet even your mom would take notice.

The formula for each song is simple, but the beats are heavy and infectious. There is something oh-so-indie about this album, but at the same time, so commercial at the same time; after all, Apple snagged these guys and propelled them into the limelight (at least in the UK if you are counting limelight by chart standards) by selecting perhaps the best song on the record, Shut Up and Let Me Go, for one of their coveted ipod commercials earlier this year. The energy and the passion in each track is something that keeps you moving, and wanting more; and the simplicity and silliness in some of the lyrics (how do you play someone like a Fruit Machine, exactly?!?!) reminds me of other guilty pleasure groups like Cibo Matto that are practically impossible to listen to without a smile on your face; and with The Ting Tings, it will be a smile on your lips, and a tapping toe to go with it.

Several songs on the record were released as singles, notably Great DJ, Shut Up and Let Me Go, and That’s Not My Name, and I know that many more can still come from this record. It’s an album chock full of radio ready dance indie-pop hits that beg to be played, and danced to. The Ting Tings have banged their way into my heart with their infectious beats and catchy rhythms, and if you listen to this record, I bet that you will be pulled in as well. Make sure to do yourself a favor and check out their videos too… they are fun and interesting.

Sparkle Factor:
Standouts: Shut Up and Let Me Go, Traffic Light, That’s Not My Name, Great DJ.

sailing… take me away…

I have some sad news for my five song Friday readers; this week, there will be no five song Friday. I know, I know, you are very distraught, but it is for good reason… We are setting sail to the Bahamas! Okay, perhaps “set sail” isn’t exactly the correct turn of phrase, more like embarking on a journey to the Bahamas? Whatever you want to call it, James and I, along with some good friends, are going to take a trip of sheer indulgence and opulence, and head out on my very first cruise vacation. I am excited to be getting away for some much needed R and R, but I am a bit nervous about being on a big boat; seeing as I have never been on a cruise before.

I hope to take lots of pictures, swim a lot, eat a lot, and see some pretty things. I will probably buy some things in the Bahamas that I don’t need, and I will probably drink way too much; but dammit, I am determined to have a great time. Five song Fridays will resume starting with next week, so if you are hunkering for some music to fill this very tiny void, check out the archives; there are more than 200 songs that I have already featured, and those should tide you over until our return.

One thing is definitely for sure… I will be wearing lots and lots of sunscreen!!!

See you when we get back!


James and I were invited to go see the Tech game this weekend with the lovely Mr. Pbody and hakeber, and after sitting in the direct sun for a few hours, my head is BURNED.

The worst, is that I cut my hear very short (buzzed), and as a result, my actual scalp is burnt. Since we are going on a cruise later on this week, I am going to be sure to pack two things indeed; sun screen and hats. Lots of hats.


In school related rants, I am half way into this Microbiology class, and I am more than over it! The questions on the most recent test were so detailed, and the amount of information required for the test was staggering to say the least. I will be happy when I have this one behind me for sure. The lab midterm is this week, and I hope that I do really well on it; especially considering it is 50% of my grade. Why do they have to do that in these classes? I mean, if you want me to LEARN it, why make it so I have to cram, and am more likely than not, most likely to forget most it? I don’t get it. I am still waiting to hear about nursing school at Kennesaw, so I want to be sure and do well in this class; but I don’t see an A in my foreseeable future, which does stress me out.

weekend recap

Well this weekend was a lot of fun.

A lot of drunken fun (Friday night at least).

John, Michael, Justin, and I decided to get shitty and head out to the local gay watering hole, Mary’s for ManShaft. It proved to be a night of drunken debauchery, however, being the modest one that I am (no seriously), I managed to maintain my composure enough to stay fully clothed; even though my fellow friends didn’t always manage to do the same (it was all fun though… I mean, no one got nude or anything!). There were sweaty, hot, mostly naked men, and needless to say, it was a FANTASTIC night. I love nights out like that… we closed down the bar, and had a lot of fun.

One “highlight” of the evening for me, was seeing my ex out, and the interchange that we had. As he was walking by in the crowded bar, I poked him on the shoulder, and he leaned in to me and said, “hey… do I know you?”. LOL! Well, I knew that I looked different, but not that different! My response to him was, “well, you should, since we dated for a year and a half”. Needless to say, he had a little egg on his face at the moment, but it made me laugh. I mean seriously. However, he seems to think that we only dated for 11 months, which I was quick to correct… the last 6 months of our relationship were definitely something I won’t forget (not in the good way), so let’s not make light of them, alright?

Either way, the night was fun, as was the rest of the weekend. We ended up going over to Rich and Darron’s for horrible movie night, where we were exposed to the absolute horror that is Xanadu. Wow, movies that bad really shouldn’t be allowed onto DVD, but alas, I am sure there are those out there that love it. It was really, really bad. However, one thing I did learn from watching it, is that Gene Kelly is one handsome man! I mean seriously, he was really hot for an older man in that film, and looking back, he is quite the looker. I have added some old musicals to my netflix so I can see him in all his glory. I guess it is fitting that a horrible “musical” could open my interests to older, more well praised musicals, right? Either way… Gene Kelly, hot; Xanadu, not.

After all of the excitement Friday, I am glad that Saturday night was tame, and that Sunday was even tamer. The new counter tops are being installed tomorrow, so expect me to squeal like mad over them for the rest of this week… seriously, I have wanted new counter tops since day one of moving into this house, so I couldn’t be more thrilled. Stay tuned for pictures!

How was everyone else’s weekend?

new york city: the trip, the story, the post that follows

As I mentioned in my previous two posts, we went to NYC for a little vacation, and despite a horrible 10+ hour delay in LaGuardia, we are back. Fun was had, sweat was shed, feet were hurt, subways were ridden, food was eaten, money was spent, and all of that made for some great stories and good times. I have decided to give you a list of the highlights of the trip, so here we go:


  • I got engaged. James proposed to me on the top of the 30 Rockefeller building, also known as the “Top of the Rock”. It was amazing being up there, and seeing all of NYC, and then being surprised by a beautiful ring (which I picked out), from a beautiful man. I don’t know when the date is going to be set, but I need to ask him in return, so I need to come up with something as romantic as his proposal (which was uber sweet).
  • When I say above that sweat was shed, I meant it. NYC is fucking HOT in the summer. Top all that heat off with the lack of A/C in a lot of places meant that I took no less than 3 showers a day, and changed clothes at least 2 times as well. All in all, we started to acclimate by the end, but that was pretty much pointless, as we were headed back to ATL at that point. I would like to go back to NYC in the fall next time; I have only ever been when it is scorching hot, or freezing cold… I would like to see it during a happy medium.
  • When we got to our hotel, I committed a bit of a gay snafu, if you will. Upon arrival, we checked in at the desk, and I needed to ask the clerk something, so I addressed her by name; or so I thought. Her name was Liza, and I thought, “it can’t be pronounced Lie-za, it just can’t be”, so I called her Lee-za. The best part, was that she corrected me by saying, “no no, honey. It’s Liza. With a Z.” Needless to say, we got a big laugh out of that one, even though I probably lost a few gay points for not knowing the correct way to pronounce Liza.
  • As a result this trip, I’ve pretty much given James and ultimatum; the beard has got to go back down to a van dyke. The reason being, that while we were in NYC, almost every place we went, people asked us if we were twins. Now let that sink in for just a second; not just brothers, but twins!?! I know that we are both guys with beards, but seriously, twins?? I don’t see it. Either way, I don’t want to look just like my lover, so I want him back in the goatee ASAP, so we can curb this “brother” nonsense.
  • We saw two shows while in NYC: Legally Blonde the Musical, and RENT. First of all, Legally Blonde was AMAZING. It met and greatly exceeded my expectations. I saw it on MTV last fall when they broadcast a performance of the show, and when I found out that Laura Bell Bundy was still in the show on Broadway, I HAD to see it. SHE. WAS. AMAZING. If you like the movie, you owe it to yourself to see the musical; it is just as fun, and the songs are delightful. I am so happy I got to see this show with the original cast. Also, we saw RENT, which I have loved for many, many years, but I had never seen on Broadway. As with all traveling shows, they just don’t compare to the Broadway version, and as such, I had to see RENT before it ends on September 7th. RENT was one of the first musicals that I got into, and it was great to see it on Broadway. It too, was excellent.
  • As I mentioned before, walking around really was painful on the old feet. I realized that I need to get back in shape, and I am committed to doing so; especially after suffering during the trip. I hope that I can make a permanent foray back into working out regularly; and if anything good comes out of our trip, that would definitely be a great one.
  • While there, I got to hang with one of my best friends, Steve Yockey, which was awesome. I also got to meet a fellow flickr friend, Michael, for the first time, who accompanied us to a sunny afternoon on the pier, followed by dinner. I wish I could have spent more time with each of them, but time didn’t permit.
  • Overall, the trip was awesome. John was great, and a lot of fun to hang out with. We got to see pretty much everything we wanted to, and felt like we saw it all (even though we really didn’t). It was awesome seeing such spots as the Stonewall Inn and the Brooklyn Bridge, and took a lot of pictures (expect them to trickle onto flickr in the coming days!). I had a lot of fun in NYC, but I am so glad to be home; it was a great vacation, however, I need a vacation because my vacation tired me out so much! Oh well, that’s how it happens, right?