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an update post (of sorts)

So things have been pretty quiet around here, and for that, I don’t even know what to say. I have kind of been in limbo since I finished school back in May, and after taking the NCLEX, I was happy that I was finally a RN, but honestly, all I could think was, “What next?”. Well, thankfully, I was able to recently interview for a job, and have since accepted a position to be a nurse at a hospital that I really like, and that is close to my house; two major pluses. People keep asking how happy I am, and honestly, I keep teetering between completely terrified, and somewhat excited; yet not much in between. The thought of actually BEING a nurse is a daunting one; one that I am sure will come with time working and experience (two things I desperate wish could happen faster than is possible, which I begrudgingly accept). In the mean time, I am just trying to get used to the idea. I completed orientation last week, and will start on the floor this week; again, very excited, and even more terrified/nervous.

Other than that, not much has been going on with me. Things are pretty good; money is tighter, but hopefully, that will remedy itself soon seeing as the job thing has come to fruition (thank goodness!). Life is pretty lazy, I guess, and that is a good thing, I guess, right?

On a final note, we did end up going to see Britney last night at Philips. Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a soft spot for the pop princess, and while I was glad I decided to go to the show, and really enjoyed it, I have to say, it might be my last Britney concert. At her best, she was clearly only giving about 60-70%, and it was pretty noticeable; especially considering how amazing her Circus concert was a couple of years ago. She looked tired for most of the show, and we even joked that we were at a Sit-ney Spears concert for the first half, because of how many times she just sat down on props, and parts of the stage. I know she’s gotten older, but I think it’s clearly time to switch things up a bit. If she’s not willing to (or cannot) go all out and dance like she used to, and kill it like she used to, then I think she needs a new, revamped act. I still love the girl, and yes, I know she just lip syncs (and no, it doesn’t bother me, so save it if that’s your only comment), but before, she would make up for it with sheer performance and theatrics. This time, there were some theatrics, and a few attempts a dancing, but most of it, she just seemed to want to smile, whip her hair, and prance around. While that’s cute, and I enjoyed it, it wasn’t her best, and if you have her previous stuff to compare it to, it’s just that much more clear, sadly. Either way, it was a fun concert, but it certainly wasn’t her best; and that’s coming from a die-hard fan. Oh well, I guess you can’t win ’em all.

William Fitzsimmons @ Smith’s Olde Bar, April 14, 2011

After being a fan for several years now, I finally got to see the amazing William Fitzsimmons this week at the intimate upstairs venue in Smith’s Olde Bar, here in Atlanta. I was pleased upon arriving to the show to find that Smith’s is now smoke free, which I have to say, made for an even better night. Immediately upon walking in to Smith’s, it was neat to see William casually having dinner in the bar; they are just like real people, aren’t they?

The show started with Slow Runner, a band I had never heard of previously, but a band that I am infinitely more interested in after seeing live. They were adorable all around (especially the bass player; what a hottie), and their sound reminded me a lot of the Postal Service. They were excellent live, and it is always great to discover a new band.

The show was somewhat of an intimate affair; I have never been to a concert where most of the people actually sat on the floor rather than standing. This started with Slow Runner, and continued on when William took the stage, and it was actually very pleasant, and made the concert even more intimate and enjoyable. One thing that was pretty annoying, was something that I notice at a lot of concerts (especially with acoustic artists); the audience was talking so much that you could hear them almost more than the band playing. Well, that stopped when William got on stage, and after he sang a few songs. He told the audience that there was a “nice bar downstairs if they wanted to have a conversation, but this was a folk show, and if you wanted to stay, then you needed to respect those that come to see that show, and well, shut the fuck up”. Um, that was fucking awesome that he did that; and the audience responded by shutting up for the most part. I love when an artist takes the time to acknowledge those that are there to enjoy them, and demands the respect they so rightfully deserve from that audience, without being a diva about it. William wanted us to enjoy his show, and it was great to have him request that the audience respect everyone that was there to hear him; and not their conversation instead.

What followed was an exquisite, beautiful musical experience. In case you didn’t know, William’s musical style is an incredibly soft, almost whisper-driven type of folk, and his tender voice, aching lyrics, and self-proclaimed “depressed songs” softly echoed with an fragility that was palpable in the bar that night. He could not have performed more beautifully, and his talent was clear from the moment he took the stage; his vocal talent and musical ability are nothing less than studio quality live. It looked effortless to watch him, as he stood there and serenaded the audience with his delicate songs.

Between songs, he quipped about his somber tone, and how he was half-heartedly sorry to bring down the mood for the night; not that any of us really minded, after all, that’s why we were there. I was surprised by how funny he was, and that beneath that delicate voice was such a jokester. Much was said about his epic beard, and he had several funny stories about people getting caught in it as they posed with him for pictures.

Overall, it was an excellent concert, and I was honestly sad when it was over (which is a rarity for me at concerts, I usually cannot wait to get the fuck out of the venue; I have an amazing track record of finding the worst part of the audience to stand near at any show). I can definitely say, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to; both the music and the experience were top notch. Afterwards, we stuck around and got to meet William after the show. He was super nice, and seemed genuinely happy that we enjoyed the show and his music. I thanked him for coming to Atlanta, and told him I couldn’t wait for him to return; after such an amazing show, I can’t wait to see this guy live again.

So far, 2011 has been a great year for William Fitzsimmons in my book; a fantastic new album release, Gold In The Shadow (already one of my favorites of 2011 so far), and a truly amazing concert experience. Who could ask for more? Not this guy.

(Pictures here. Sorry, you can only see them if we are friends, because pervs and jerks ruined flickr for me.)

5SF: october 8 – the return?

So, I basically stated that the 5SF was kind of dead because of my inability to host/post songs anymore, but one lovely and delightful reader (hi Doug!) said that he would like it if I still did a 5SF, and he could just look up the songs (I mean, iTunes is really easy to use, after all, and you kids do know how to use google, right?). So, as much as I would like to post the songs for you to hear, I can at least tell you about them so that you know what to go out and try to listen to, right? I think it’s at least a good idea for the meantime… let me know if you agree. So, let’s get to some songs that I really think you need to go check out (I’ll try to post links to youtube or whatever I can so that you can listen to it without looking too hard… if I can. Side note: I wrote this first, and after writing the whole post, I was able to find links for each and every song this week. You’re welcome!).

The Script – For The First Time
I have always really liked the Script and their style with that kind of rock-rap hybrid, and I was such a fan of their self-titled debut, that it came it at number 19 on my year end countdown way back in 2008 (which is honestly surprising, since they still have a hit from that album on the radio right now, even though their new album should be making more of a splash). I’ll be honest, when I first heard this first single from the new album, Science and Faith, I was a bit ‘meh’ on it, but now, I freaking love it. It is such a grower, and it should, by all accounts, be a big radio hit for them. Fingers crossed that it will be. Listen to For The First Time here.

Elizabeth & The Catapult – You and Me
I was absolutely elated when I opened up iTunes and saw that the amazing Elizabeth & the Catapult had released a new single last week; and rightly so, it’s amazing. I adored their previous album, Taller Children (which was my number 13 album of the year last year), and I am pretty excited to see that they have a new one coming our way on October 26th. The single has all of the playful energy and delightful lyrics of their previous album, and an updated, more polished newness to it as well (also, the beginning reminds me of one of Marina and The Diamonds’ amazing songs as well! Bonus!). This single was a big surprise that revealed an even bigger surprise that I cannot wait for; I found out about the album release because its release date was on the single’s album art! Listen to You and Me here. (I like what the author of that site had to say about it, too).

Sara Bareilles – Basket Case
I know you are probably tired of hearing me heap praise on Sara Bareilles, but honestly, I don’t care if you are or are not; she’s amazing and she deserves it. After seeing Sara at the Variety Playhouse last night, I just had to post this, my favorite song, from her new album Kaleidoscope Heart. This song is EPIC. It is already one of my favorite of 2010, and is fast becoming one of my favorites of hers as well (Gravity is still on top… for now). Overall, her concert was beautiful and amazing (as I expected it to be, since I have seen her many times), and I had a wonderful night (it was nice to finally see Greg Laswell live, and to discover Holly Conlan as well). The performance of this song was especially beautiful, and I was glad I got to see her perform it live; it only solidifies how amazing it is. I love the new album, and Sara has solidified herself as one of my favorite artists of all time because of songs like this. Listen to Basket Case here.

P!nk – Raise Your Glass
It’s about time P!nk released a greatest hits collection; she’s had a shit load of fantastic singles spanning her career, and it will be nice to have them all in the same place. Plus, it gives her a chance to pull out a great song for the radio, to entice would-be buyers; and that is exactly what she has done with Raise Your Glass. This song is playful, fun, radio-ready (although, check out the, I guess, NSF…R? version. I hate bleep outs), and oh-so P!nk. I love it! It’s kind of So What part II, which makes it all that much more perfect. Here’s hoping for another number one for you, P!nk! Listen to Raise Your Glass here.

Kelly Rowland – Forever and a Day
After the big surprise that was Commander earlier this summer (summer anthem bitches!!), I was again blown away by Kelly a few weeks ago when I heard this amazing new single! Again produced by David Guetta, this song is incredible, and should be a big hit for Kelly… it should be. However, I doubt it will, since it doesn’t seem to be getting a release here in the states (at least not yet). At least she will have success overseas, because a song this good deserves some attention. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Kelly girl, hold on to D. Guetta’s number! He’s doing you so right!! Listen to Forever and A Day here.

Okay, so I guess was able to make all of the songs available for you to at least go and listen to them. I hope that you will, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I have been. It feels good to do another 5SF after so long!! I hope you enjoyed it, and will leave your comments letting me know how you felt. If this “new” format works for people, 5SF might be alive and kicking folks!!!

Silversun Pickups at the Tabernacle, ATL 6/19/10

I took a break from studying on Saturday, and James and I headed out to the Tabernacle to see the amazing Silversun Pickups, and what we got was nothing short of a damn fine concert. While I didn’t particularly care for the opening bands, Silversun Pickups completely wailed for the entire set, and were downright incredible. I’ve loved these guys (and girl!) ever since I first heard their incredible debut album Carnavas), which a friend turned me on to a few years ago. I’ve actually had the privilege of seeing them live once before; although, we were late, and only got to see like 3 songs (I made up for it by getting to meet them after their set, though); and I promised myself that I would make it a priority to see them the next time they were anywhere near Atlanta.
Silversun Pickups @ Tabernacle, ATL 6/19/10
After their previous album Swoon took me by storm (and given my previous near miss with their concert), it was a no-brainer that I had to go see them at the Tabernacle this past weekend, and I am more than glad that we went. James loved the show (which is saying something, because he doesn’t really “get” music that often), and all in all, it was an awesome show. It was the first time we decided to sit in the balcony for the show instead of the standing room only “pit” below, and I am glad we did; there was a little too much energy, and way too much crowd surfing for me (especially since I am pretty much exhausted from studying these days). Overall, they are an incredible band, who puts on an incredible show, and I am just glad that we were able to go. Whenever they come back this way, you can bet that I’ll do my best to be there.

Mat Kearney at Center Stage, October 16, 2009

Well, this is a definitely a few weeks overdue, but I have had good excuses: I have definitely been busy. But enough about that; let’s get to my Mat Kearney concert experience.

Overall, the concert was great. Mat sounds amazing live, and totally delivers in concert. He probably played all of his songs from his first album, as well as his new album (which is amazing, btw). I couldn’t have wished for a better performance.
Mat Kearney @ Center Stage, ATL 10/16/09
I got a lot of great pictures of Mat, and even a few good ones of his crazy hot guitar player that was to the left of him; in fact, all of the backing band members were cute and bearded (which was definitely an added bonus). You can check out the whole set on flickr.

One cool thing that happened during his set, was when he was singing a song, and started to get down off of the stage to lean over and touch people’s hands: surprisingly, instead of just shaking hands and what not, he jumped off the stage into the crowd and ran right past us!! You could tell that no one was expecting it, because instead of rushing up to him, people just ran away from him. It was kind of funny, actually, because you would have expected the opposite. I managed to get a very paparazzi shot of the moment he was closest to me. Neat stuff indeed. I think it added to the whole concert, because he was clearly having fun because of the crowd. I did think that he was a bit cocky with expecting everyone to know the words to all of his songs, because near the end of the show, he pretty much just held up the microphone to the crowd for like 15 minutes. While that was a little annoying, it didn’t distract from how good the rest of the show was.

Since it was at a standing room only venue (Center Stage), I just knew that I would encounter some of those “we are entitled to walk to the front and stand in front of you because we are better people just because we are” people, and low and behold, about an hour into the show, they tried to push their way up in front of us. The best, though, was that they ended up in front of the people in front of me, and they were very vocal about their disapproval; they left after like 2 songs. I just don’t understand why people have that sense of entitlement. If you want to stand in the front, do like we did; get there early, and wait it out. If not, don’t complain when someone doesn’t want you to come up in front of them and stand there; we put in the time, so we deserve to be up front… you don’t. /rant

two things I would do differently, if I were in a band

Last night, I went with James and Broderick to see the amazing Bat For Lashes at the Loft, and she was, well, amazing (albeit, a bit strange… she really takes being “alternative” seriously). I really enjoyed her set (Natasha Khan was admittedly outstanding live), and even the opening band, Other Lives, was quite amazing as well (they reminded me a lot of the Decemberists). However, I had some gripes about the show in general, and I came up two things that I would do differently, if I were in a band, and performed concerts for people.

1. I would come out a lot sooner after the opening act.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I understand that sound checks and whatnot need to happen. However, they could happen before the show starts; your gear was up on the stage while the opening act played, so don’t act like you couldn’t have done a sound check before they went on. Also, if you MUST do a sound check (if that really is the reason you wait so long to come out after the opening act), why does it take so long? Seriously, if it is longer than 30 minutes, you are leaning heavily into being just plain rude; and I don’t care who you are, you are not that important, so stop being a diva. My feet hurt, and it is hot, and waiting forever in order for you to grace us with your presence is really starting to push it.

2. I would use the fucking lights, and not play in the dark.
As much as I love going to concerts, I love taking concert pictures just as much. I like to get a neat shot of the person that I payed to see perform, which for me, is a major keepsake, and a memory of my experience. However, and this is a big however, when they perform in the dark, it is not only hard to see them with my naked eye, but it is damn near impossible to get a decent picture. So for my show, you would see me flooded in light, actually performing for a crowd; not hiding in the dark while I sing on stage. I would also make sure to have a little stage presence; she was bent over or had her back to the audience most of the show.

Looking back at the night, I thought I had more things that I would do if I were in the band, but I guess the other gripes I had about the show had nothing to do with the actual performance. First of all, I may sound like an old codger, but it was way too fucking loud at that show. Those of you that have been to the Loft know that it is a small space, and it really doesn’t need to be EAR BLEEDINGLY loud for the show to be good. I want to be able to continue listening to the good music that I came out to see after the show ends, afterall.

Also, after Bat For Lashes finished their “1st set” (you know, the fake, “goodnight!” before coming out to play basically the second half of your show), I was pretty tired of standing in the front, so I asked James and Broderick if they were ready to head to the back, and maybe even home (my feet were hurting because we waited forever for her to take the stage, afterall). While walking through the crowd, this guy that was several rows of people behind us says to me as I pass him something to the effect of, “hey big guy! you are so freaking tall! you were blocking us all night! glad you are leaving!!!”. Being who I am, I couldn’t let a bitchy remark go without retort, so to that, I leaned into him, and made sure to say loud enough so his short ass could hear me, “Well, now you’ll know to get here earlier next time, so you can stand up front, won’t you?”.

Seriously. You came to a standing room, general admission concert, and you are bitching because someone 6’1″ is standing in front of you?! Go fuck yourself, munchkin; it isn’t my fault that a) you are shorter than me, nor more importantly, b) that I got there earlier than you and found where I wanted to stand, and did so because I knew that it was standing room only, general admission. I honestly couldn’t believe he had the nerve to bitch about it, especially when there were several people around me that were the same height as me, but I digress.

Overall, the show was great, and I can just add these to my “general gripes” about things in life. Ah, first world problems… so much fun to bitch about, eh?

lady gaga @ center stage ATL 4/9/09

I finally finished sorting through the TONS of pictures that I took at Lady GaGa last week, so I am finally ready to do a post about the concert. First of all, I will start by saying that yes, it was amazing. Lady GaGa knows how to put on a show, as I witnessed the first time I saw her back in October of last year. However, this time, I got to see a full show, instead of just a few songs at an intimate venue.

I will say this; I have been to Center Stage MANY times. Most of the time, it is sold out. I have never, however, seen as many people there as I did the night of Lady GaGa. It was insane. Speaking of which, people need to be more respectful of others. You can’t save 5 seats. You can’t get all assholish when someone in the standing room only area accidentally bumps into you. People really need to learn how to be nicer. Anyway…
Lady GaGa @ Center Stage ATL 4/9/09
There were 3 (!!!) opening acts for Lady GaGa, and I really enjoyed Chester French (who I have featured on the 5SF in the past), and I also liked White Tie Affair (who’s CD was on my ipod, but I have never listened to it). After much anticipation, and some shuffling around trying to find a great place to watch the show from (IT WAS PACKED), the curtain fell, and Lady GaGa emerged from a funky looking set up in the middle of the stage. What followed was a full hour of costume changes, dance routines, and killer vocals from Lady GaGa. She completely delivers live, and she owned that stage like a seasoned professional.
Lady GaGa @ Center Stage ATL 4/9/09
A few songs into the show, she got more intimate, and put on her now famous bubbles outfit, and played a bubble filled piano. She played a new song, which I think is called Future Love, and it was, to quote the Lady herself, marvelous. It seems that Lady GaGa has a lot more great music to give us in the future.
Lady GaGa @ Center Stage ATL 4/9/09
Overall, the show was energetic, and the crowd was totally into her. I will admit that she is a bit “out there” with her fashion and her style, but I think that it makes her unique in that she isn’t afraid to be different, and do something funky. The result was a sold out show full of people clamoring for more of the newest, and biggest, pop diva to take hold of the reigns of pop music. I can say that I was really glad to see her again, and whenever she comes back to the ATL, you can bet that I will be there.

Check out the pictures on flickr.

5SF: march 27

Aaaaaand I’m back! Sorry that I had to sit out last week, I was just really tired, and didn’t feel up to it. Either way, I am definitely back on my game this week, and I have 5 great songs for you, so let’s go ahead and get to them, shall we?

Adele – Melt My Heart To Stone
I feel like I have been singing Adele’s praises for ages now, but honestly, I don’t think that I could ever sing them enough. After seeing her last week, I have been flying high on this amazing Brit’s debut album, 19, and I wanted to post one of my absolute favorite songs of hers. This song is full of emotion, drama, feeling, and power. I love how she makes her voice crack, which really represents the broken heart that she is singing about. She performed this song flawlessly in concert, and if you still haven’t gotten on the Adele bandwagon by now, this is just me shaking you, again, and telling you to get with the program. Adele is amazing!

Carrie Underwood – I Told You So
I’m not normally a big fan of country, and while I used to only listen to it back in the day, I attribute that to being mostly a product of my environment *cough*hick from North Carolina*cough*. I remember when Carrie won American Idol, and I was really excited, because she was one of the first ones that had pipes as amazing as Kelly Clarkson’s, and even though she was country, I just knew that her amazing show stopping version of Alone by Heart would grace her debut. Well, it didn’t, and instead of making me happy, she went full tilt country, which, while it does serve her voice beautifully, it just didn’t “do it” for me (also songs like Jesus Take the Wheel just make me want to roll my eyes… no offense). Now, let’s cut to last week when she appeared on the Idol stage again to sing this Randy Travis remake; I’m not going to lie, I fucking wept. This song is beautiful, and her voice gave me chills all over. Country or not, this girl can SING, and she sings this beautiful song amazingly; both live, and on her Carnival Ride CD. Note: I didn’t post the version she re-released with Randy Travis (also last week), mostly because Randy is just so outshone that I felt a little bad for him. I LOVE this song, and I am glad that Carrie chose to cover it.

Noisettes – Don’t Upset The Rhythm

This is another fantastic discovery that I can thank BBC Radio One for; they have been playing this song for a couple of weeks now, and I have found myself liking it more and more with each listen. The neo-soul guitar strumming, and popping beats really compliment the lead singer’s sweet voice (which has a resemblance to Eartha Kitt; without the kitty growls, of course). This infectious track has the upbeat sensibilities of the Ting Tings, and while it is a bit repetitive lyrically, it isn’t enough to turn me off. I can’t wait to see what the new Noisettes album will be like; if it is anything like this fantastic track, I am sure that I will love it.

A.R. Rahman and PCD feat. Nicole Scherzinger – Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)
I may make a few enemies with this one, but hear me out; YES, the original version is awesome, amazing, and several other praise-worthy words. It won an Oscar. See? I agree. However, this version, which harnesses the amazing vocals of Miss Pussycat Doll herself, Nicole Scherzinger, is just too perfect to ignore. A.R. Rahman’s Oscar-winning song gets the English treatment, and instead of being a “replacement” for the original Indian hit, I think that this version will just get more people interested in the original. I personally LOVE this song, and love that I can sing along with Nicole, because, call me crazy, but I like listening to music that has lyrics that I can actually understand; catch me catch me catch me!!! So again, the original – fantastic; and so is this version, which I cannot stop playing and dancing around to!!

Alcazar – Burning
To end today, we are going full tilt gay. We have covered a lot of ground today(soul, country, bollywood, now disco!!!), but this is disco bananas, and it is fantastic. Alcazar are a Swedish dance group that have been around for a decade, and recently, they released a massive double disc album that is chock full of dance floor fillers. This is my favorite song from that album, which is appropriately called Disco Defenders; because if anyone is going to successful in advocating for the fabulousness of disco, it’s definitely these guys. This song is upbeat, happy, and throw-your-hands-in-the-air dancetastic. Songs like this make me want to dance all night long, and HOW can that be anything but great?! Sometimes, it’s nice to just have a little fun, isn’t it? Well, that’s definitely something you can do by listening to Alcazar!

I hope that you didn’t miss me too much because I took a week off, but know that I am back, and I’m not going anywhere any time soon. I hope that you enjoyed this week’s five as much as I did, and as always, let me know what you think, as well as what you are listening to.

adele @ the variety, march 19, 2009

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the amazing, two time 2009 Grammy winner, Adele, live and in concert. My friend Jason and I headed out to the show, and while I knew it was going to be good, I didn’t expect to be as amazing as it was.
Adele @ The Variety Playhouse ATL 3/17/09
First up, Kameron Corvet opened for her, and he was delightful. I loved his acoustic style, and he sings beautifully. I loved his cover of Little Red Corvette, and his set, while short, was impressive. This local artist definitely made some new fans last night. My only complaint, is that I wish he sang in his regular range more than he sings in falsetto, because his “regular” voice is beautiful. It has touches of John Legend and Michael Jackson to it, and is beautiful on its own without the need for too much falsetto.

After Kameron left the stage, it wasn’t long before the amazing Adele took the mic. While I was watching her perform, it was really difficult to believe that she is only 19 years old; she commanded that stage like a seasoned professional. She was so cute, and adorable in the way that she genuinely had a great time performing, and I love seeing someone who genuinely seems to be having a good time while they are performing. She giggled and laughed in between songs, waved to the audience, and proclaimed her gratitude for everyone coming out to see her; she seemed surprised that so many people knew who she was. She even told of how she acquired her “drag queen eyelashes” earlier that day in Little Five Points, as well as how much she enjoyed seeing Atlanta for the first time. I thought it was a bit strange that someone in the front held up a CD for her to sign, but she did sign it between songs, and was very sweet about it. Overall, she came across as a beautiful person as well as a beautiful singer.
Adele @ The Variety Playhouse ATL 3/17/09
One of the things that I like most about Adele, is her beautiful voice, and fantastic song writing skill. I love how she uses her voice more as an instrument, which takes her songs from being simply sung, to truly performed; which translated amazingly live. Also, she played both the guitar and the bass on several songs, and did so effortlessly.

It is rare that you see someone live who is arguably better than they are on their CD (even though, she is pitch perfect, and fantastic on her CD), and Adele definitely falls into this elite category. Her voice was flawless, and her live singing ability was very impressive. She has a powerful gift, and I feel privileged to have gotten the opportunity to see her in such an intimate venue. As I mentioned to Jason after the show, this is the reason I love going to concerts; sometimes, you have an opportunity to see a truly amazing artist who’s talent just blows you away. Adele’s performance was nothing short of amazing, and after seeing her live, I definitely consider her amongst my favorite singers. She played a bit of a new song last night as well, and it was beautiful; I can’t wait to hear more from this beautiful Brit. Overall, it was an amazing night, and an amazing performance, and I am glad that I was able to be a part of it.

(to see all of my pictures from the show, click here.)