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sotd: Sia – Elastic Heart

It’s amazing to me, how an amazing video can make me OBSESSED with a song, even a song that I had previously, erroneously, overlooked. After seeing this video, much like after I saw the video for Chandelier, I was entranced, and I have had Elastic Heart on repeat ever since. There is something about Maddie Ziegler that is captivating; she is a magnificent dancer, and really captures the emotion of the choreography beautifully. Also, the song is gorgeous.

Also, to think that people have issues with this video is bullshit. It is obviously a powerful emotional statement that Sia felt the need to place her incredible artistic spin on, and I found it breathtaking. To me, it appears to be a very emotional, and raw, interaction between a girl and her father, and Shia’s emotional acting is intense and vulnerable. Somehow, people got pedophilia out of this, and I am honestly just shaking my head wondering why. Sia ended up apologizing for the video, which incenses me; this is art, beautiful, emotive, and intensely personal art. Shame on you if you felt the need to turn it into something else. Sia, keep doing what you are doing, because you are a true artist, and a magnificent one, at that.


So, two of my favorite vocalists, Dallas Green (my favorite artist, AKA City and Colour), and the incredible Alecia Moore (AKA P!nk) have teamed up to make a beautiful record, and the result is called You+Me. Their first song, You+Me, is incredible.

This is the type of music that makes me get chills when I listen; it is beautifully written, and the harmonies, thematic elements, and haunting musicality all weave together to form something incredibly beautiful. I am so happy these two got together, because they are arguably two of the strongest vocalists in music today; and the style of each blending together is heaven. Two extremely strong songwriters together definitely makes for incredible music; and this is clearly no exception.

From what I have read, P!nk said this was a love song for her mom, which is incredibly touching and crazy beautiful.

Needless to say, I cannot wait for this album!!! Fortunately, I only have to wait until next week. Rose Ave is out next week, October 14. I’ve already pre-ordered, and I highly suggest you do as well. Thanks John for telling me about this project!! I just hope they tour for this album!!!

sotd: You+Me – You and Me

Thanks to my friend John Hersman for alerting me to this MASTERPIECE!!! Holy shit… City and Colour, my favorite, favorite, favorite band/singer-songwriter, teaming with one of my other favorite singer-songwriters, P!nk? This is AMAZING. What a gorgeous ballad, beautiful love song, and, I know, just a taste of a crazy-amazing album to follow.

I cannot wait for October 14.

sotd: Sia – Chandelier

Let’s be honest, this is not just a song of the day kind of a song; it has been my song of the moment since it first came out. I have been living for this song, and after seeing the INCREDIBLE video, I seriously cannot get enough. Rarely, there is a song that is in heavy rotation on the radio, and I turn it all of the way up each time it is on; but this is one of those songs. Hearing Sara Bareilles’ amazing cover of this recorded a one of her recent concerts has only made me love this incredible song even more. Check out the video, and the incredible talent of the dancer, Maddie Zeigler, as well:

Also, this is up for video of the year at the MTV video awards; coming up; if it doesn’t win, there doesn’t really need to be a video awards for MTV anymore, because THIS is what music videos used to be all about, and unfortunately, few capture the musicality of the song this perfectly anymore. Bonus: check out Sia singing/the video being recreated live on Ellen; WOW.

sotd: Sam Smith – Stay With Me

So apparently, Sam Smith was on SNL this past weekend, and I only found out when I just happened to flip it on. I was elated, as I have been OBSESSED with him lately, and for great reason; this guy is so ridiculously talented, and it showed strongly on his live performance of this song on SNL. I am not one who typically pre-orders albums, but I am doing just that for his debut, In The Lonely Hour, which is out on June 17th. This song is officially on repeat.

I am going to go ahead and officially say that this guy is definitely the next big thing. I expect GREAT things from him, and I can’t wait to hear more!!

sotd: Jessie J – Who You Are

I already posted this on Facebook, but it is definitely worth another mention here as my song of the day. I love the message and the sincerity with which she sings this wonderfully beautiful song. I normally don’t feel live versions of things, but this is STELLAR, and sounds just as good as the studio version. I gave her album a listen, and wasn’t really feeling it for whatever reason, but I listened to it again tonight, and was blown away. Jessie J’s album, also called Who You Are, is pretty amazing overall; and as you can see by this video, this girl has some REAL talent.

This took place in a subway in NYC I tell you!!! Those were some lucky subway riders to get to experience this performance first hand. I cannot get enough of this song, and as I am glad I gave Jessie J’s album another go, because it is very, very good. This song is going into very heavy rotation for me as of NOW.

song of the day: Erik Hassle – Hurtful

While I do realize it has been 2 weeks since the last 5SF, I had clinical today, and I am just too exhausted to wax poetic about five new songs. However, I do have enough energy to gush over one, so I thought I would do a song of the day to tide you over to next week’s new 5SF.

This is a song that I have posted about before, in fact, I featured it on the 5SF back in May of 2009. I honestly never thought that his debut would get scrapped and we would have to wait almost a year for his damn fine “debut” album to surface here in the states, but as I mentioned on the last 5SF, Pieces is FINALLY here, and it is overall, pretty amazing. The stand out tracks really, really stand out, and this one is a new classic as far as I am concerned.

I saw the (new) video (above) for Hurtful recently, and it rekindled my already strong love for this amazing song, as well as my love for the amazing Erik Hassle; and as such, I wanted to scream from the rooftops about this song… again. This song (surprisingly) may have not made 2009 Erik’s year, but it’s making 2010 look like it certainly could be; if there is any justice, this song is going to blow up the radio in the coming months.

sotd: RichGirl – He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho)

I was trying to think of something to post about when it hit me; I haven’t done a SOTD in quite a while. Today I was listening to Amerie’s newest album, In Love and War (there are some really great tracks on there!), and it reminded me of the very poorly marketed RichGirl, and their AMAZING track, He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho). I can’t believe that it has been almost 6 months since I featured this track on the 5SF. Well, there is one thing that is for sure; it hasn’t diminished in its greatness in the slightest. This song is massive, and I still cannot believe that it wasn’t a hit for them.

I have to say, after giving this song some serious attention in the past six months, I am still wondering; where is their album? There is such singing and performing talent in these ladies (as evidenced by the typically un-embeddable video), that it really is a travesty that this song didn’t take them to number one. Regardless of the record company politics that are most likely at play here, this song is a true gem, and one that has been on every playlist that I have made since first adding this song to my ipod in May. At least for me, this is one of the BEST songs of the year by far!! What do you think? Give it a listen:

ponyo on the cliff by the sea

I rarely ever get excited about movies, and I almost never get chills watching a preview (go and check it out here, since embedding is disabled on most of the youtube clips), but both things apply to Ponyo on the Cliff By the Sea, the upcoming Hayao Miyazaki film. I have been a fan of Miyazaki’s for many, many years, and with Ponyo, I dare predict that my love of Miyazaki will only continue to soar.

My first experience with one of his films, was when I saw Princess Mononoke in college and loved it. However, it wasn’t until Spirited Away that I realized how amazing his films truly are. After seeing Spirited Away the first time, I was completely blown away, and realized I had seen one of the best movies of my life. This motivated me to check out some of his previous work, and I discovered Nausicaa of the Valley of The Wind, another brilliant film that also has a place amongst my favorite films ever made.

Miyazaki’s films contain a sense of imagination, wonder, and hope portrayed in a medium that I haven’t seen anywhere else. His whimsical stories are usually backed by a deep concern for our footprint on our world, and often explore the consequences we might face if we ignore the signs; which is kind of deep for a “kid’s movie” huh? His animation, story telling, and direction take dreams, and make them into a visually stunning experience that you can enjoy while you are awake. I find it almost impossible not to fall in love with is characters, and even more impossible not to enjoy their adventures.

As Ponyo is being released this Friday, I will do something I NEVER do: I will head to a theater to see this film. Those that know me, know very well that I HATE going to the movies (with one notable exception: the drive in), but my excitement for this film will force me to put my hatred of all things movie theater aside, and go out to see it. If anyone wants to come along, let me know, because I can’t wait to see this movie, and I definitely want to see it this weekend for sure. I’m hoping that it is everything that I think it will be and more; and given Miyazaki’s track record and the previews, it looks like it might be just that!

Also, I am really, really hoping that the release of this film gets some (if not ALL) of his films onto Blu Ray here in the states. As I said, his films are visually stunning, and bringing them to high definition would be outstanding!