Google this! (or can you?)

How annoying is that Google turns out to temperamental!? That's right Google… I said temperamental, and I feel it is totally justified… For you see, if I were looking for the website of someone, say Britney Spears, I would think that (or at least some variation of it) would be the first result, because after all, that page would totally be about Britney, and I would want that to be one of the first few choices I had to choose from. That is just not how Google works. I wrote a previous bog entry about how happy I was that you could Google my name and my site would show up, right at the top. Maybe Google thought that was cocky, or whatever, because they completely removed it. It isn't on the first 5 (FIRST 5!!!????) pages of results, and hey, I can totally vouch for the fact that the site is indeed about me, Duane Moody, and isn't just fluff or ads. So really, I guess all I want to know is this: Google, yeah you Google, why are you so temperamental? How come goggling someone or something to find out more about them from the web (because, hey, isn't that what search engines are all about?) doesn't turn up the best results? In fact… I am not peeved about the fact that it isn't number one, but not even on the first 5 pages?? That is just ridiculous. Your move… Google.

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Context context context!

In some of my previous posts (i.e. those that focus on a draft) are totally my opinion folks, and just that. You also must understand that when I make comments and form opinions about things, I do so in context. The draft comments are no different. I am referring to the context of this war, right now. So if you don't like my comments and opinions, that is fine, but make sure that you understand where I am coming from, and I am not just making broad generalizations. Sometimes I focus on things that effect me (and why not? We all need to focus on ourselves from time to time) and potentially jeopardize my safety in some way. That is what this draft thing would do. Please understand that. IT isn't going anywhere, and I know that, people, I am just venting how I feel about it. And just for the record, stating that something is bad for you, and not something that would want to be a part of, isn't necessarily an opinion, especially if it could take your life. I believe we would be in consensus to say that if you knew that there was a strong chance you could die doing something that you probably wouldn't want to do it (unless you are braver than I), whatever it is, right? And if not, and I am totally off, then oh well. Maybe it is all just my opinion, but just know that I am forming my opinions contextually, and make sure that is understood.

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I haven't written in a while…

I haven't written in a while, so I thought that I would. James and I went to beautiful Amicalola Falls, in Dawsonville, Georgia last night to celebrate one year and exchange promise rings. It was magnificent, and very beautiful. There were about 500 steps that we had to climb, but no matter, because it was very romantic and wonderful. I wrote a poem that “marked” the occasion, which is called the mark. It is on my poems page. I thought that it was especially appropriate for the days' celebration. I am very excited that we have been together for a year, and I am so sure that it will be a very long relationship. Here's hoping! There is also a picture of my ring that I have included at the bottom of this post. The inscription around the ring is French for “here is my heart, guard it well.” Cool Cool!! I love it. Anyways. That is pretty much my update. Also, A funny story to end on.

The Debate… dun dun dun….

Last night I believe that Americans finally got to see some of what Kerry is made of. He showed intelligence, confidence, and the ability to “get the job done”. I completely feel confident in my vote for Kerry as president, because he would A: make an awesome president, B: try to fix many of the things that have gone wrong with the current administration, C: not knowingly and willingly lie openly to the American public over and over again, and D: do everything better than Bush has, because he has a different stake in things. And by this, I believe that as a senator for 20 years, Kerry does have the people in mind when he makes decisions. He does not have money, oil, and leverage making his decisions for him. That is something that we cannot truly, without a shadow of a doubt, say about the current administration. There are too many things that people write off as coincidence that just aren't, my friends. Come on… the biggest PUUUULEASE is the Halliburton involvement in Iraq and the middle east. That is a big Ding Ding Ding on my radar… should be for most everyone else too.

But now I am starting to ramble. And we don't want to do that. But seriously, Kerry would rock as president.