my movie library

This page acts as the index for all of my movie pages. I will be reviewing all the movies that I own, and have grouped them into appropriate categories; as to prevent a REALLY long page. Also, since technology moves forward, and I am moving with it, I have added a red HD next to each HD DVD title and a blue BR next to each Blu Ray title that I own. They will be mixed in with the regular movie pages, so look for them to see what I have on all formats!

— remember that all ratings and comments are by me, duane moody —

My ratings go as follows: (Most are rated highly… I mean, I do OWN them after all…)

  • bad
  • watchable
  • quite good
  • really good
  • brilliant!

teh categories: (each link will take you to a new page; to come back, well, press back)

  • [3D]
  • [Drama/Romance]
  • [Action/Adventure/Horror]
  • [Comedy]
  • [Romantic Comedy]
  • [Gay Themed]
  • [Musicals/Music DVDs]
  • [TV Series Collections/Documentaries]
  • [Stand Up]
  • [Cartoons/Anime]
  • [James's DVD's]