links of things I look at/like

  • [13 Roses Tattoo] — This is a great tattoo parlor in East Atlanta, filled with great artists. If you are in the market for some great ink, check it out!
  • [Birthday Alarm]— For those of you that have a really bad memory for dates and birthdays, like I do, comes the best way to remember! Birthday alarm. They keep up with the dates for you, and send you reminders. Sweet!
  • [Chromasia] — A beautiful photoblog, that is full of amazing photos. This is a link to the thumbnails page.
  • [Commercial Closet] –This website focuses on the presence of gay/lesbian culture and representation in the media, specifically within advertising. On this site, you can look at photographs of advertisements, as well as view commercials that feature gay and lesbian undertones and expressions, both positive and negative. You could easily spend an hour watching these interesting commercials. Definitely worth checking out.
  • [DVDs and Movies coming soon] –As you may have discovered either by curiosity, recommendation, or sheer boredom, I love DVDs, and I have a lot of them. A lot. So, as any DVD lover would appreciate, this site maps out upcoming movies and DVDs by their release date. Call it my purchase calendar if you will. And I know that you will.
  • [DVD covers] — You know, in case you want to, like, look at them or something. This site has a ton of downloadable and printable DVD covers. For whatever your needs are. Yeah.
  • [East Atlanta Village] — Here's a kick ass website for the EAV, which is right down the street from my house. What a great neighborhood I live in. Don't you want to be my neighbor?
  • [Leslie Hall] — The official website of the Mother Gem, Leslie Hall. Basically, she is a midwest diva who lays down the beats, drops the jams, and leaves you wanting more. Seeing her in concert is like nothing I have ever experienced; and I cannot wait to do it again. Leslie is a goddess. Leslie is the keeper of the jems, and she will forever have a place in my heart.
  • [Hubble] — If this makes me a big dork, then so be it. On this site, you can find tons of photos that were taken from the Hubble telescope. Most of them are amazing, and all of them are really beautiful. Check it out, fellow geeks.
  • [Ink and Dagger Tattoo Parlour] — The best tattoo parlor ever! My friend Russ Abbott, who has done many of my amazing tattoos, opened his own shop in Decatur, GA. If you are looking for the best, you have found it. Malia, the other artist, is amazing as well. If you are looking for top quality tattoos, and a great shop, look no further than Ink and Dagger! I know that this is the only place I will be going for tattoos from now on!
  • [In Memory… Amanda] –A long time ago, I wrote this for Amanda Clifton, who died in a car accident just after she turned 16. My sister was in that accident and survived. This is a tribute to Amanda, and the struggle that was endured by my sister.
  • [Make your Own Stereogram!] — Remember these things? Some people can see them, some can't. I can! Now I get to make them! Cool!
  • [Mr Fangs] — This is, hands down, the best graffiti artist EVER. I love these little ghosts, and I will stop at almost nothing to track them down and snap pictures of each one I find. Check out my stash here. (There are also a bunch on my flickr page) Each day I see a new Mr Fangs is a great day indeed.
  • [The Perry Bible Fellowship] –Check out this comic site, it has some very well drawn and hilarious comics. I will be checking this every week to see the new comic that is posted on Sundays! I have too many favorites to list them all out, but trust me, go through all of them, they are great!
  • [Popjustice] — Without popjustice, there is no justice. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse that is pop, especially pop from the other side of the pond, start here. They know what they are talking about.
  • [PostSecret] — This is like grouphug, only more real, and with visuals. Some of these confessions will really give you the shivers, because you know they are true.
  • [red king dreaming] –Here is a linke to my friend Steve Yockey's web portfolio. He is a pretty amazing writer, and I know, cause I have seen many of his plays. Check him out. He is also a great friend.
  • [Rotten Tomatoes] — Check this site for ALL the reviews before you head to the theater. They rate the movie based on the number of good or bad reviews (those with a ton of good reviews are rated 'fresh' and those that aren't are 'rotten'). I like it because it is a good way to see what everyone thinks without reading 100 reviews for a movie that might suck anyway.
  • [Russ Abbott] — Russ is an amazing tattoo artist, but I may kind of bias, because he did an few amazing pieces for me. I highly recommend him, because his work is simply amazing, and he is an incredibly nice guy. Check him out at Ink and Dagger Tattoo in Decatur, Georgia… you won't be sorry.
  • [Snowflake Maker] — I discovered this by mistake, and I do mean by mistake. Then, hours later, I realized I had just wasted hours mindlessly trying to perfect the snowflake. And you know what, I probably did. All the fun of paper snowflakes with no mess or nasty cuts! (Why, oh why, did I have to find this deliciously evil website?)
  • [Starlight Six Drive-in] –Here is the website for the drive-in near my house. I love the drive-in. What is better than going to the movies?? Getting and eat what you want… and drink beer while you watch it. Priceless.
  • [Stretch Daily] –Interesting concept, to stretch yourself daily. Some pretty neat images and flash on here. Lots of interesting reflection from the webmaster. Something to think about. Cool.
  • [TV Shows on DVD] –Every once and a while I entertain the idea of getting a TV show that I really enjoy on DVD for my viewing pleasure any old time. (And that's only if Tivo isn't brimming with tons of episodes of that particular show). This site is very informative, and they tend to have the scoop on all the shows I care so deeply about.

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