graduate school completed… again.

So today marks another milestone in my nursing journey; I am officially done with graduate school, the second go-round. It has been two and a half years of non-stop, class, clinical, and continuous stress, but here we are, and I made it. Believe it or not. (I am still a bit in disbelief at this very moment).

Now, waiting to get grades posted, get everything finalized, and sit for the board exam, I see that my stressors are not over, and are intensifying for a short time. Hopefully, this too will be out of the way soon. Thanks for everyone that put up with my ranting, raving, angry, “negativity” during this process (especially James!!!), as I know I was not the best to be around at times… stress will do that to you, and as someone who carries around a lot of stress normally, the extra helping certainly had that effect on me. Here’s to my next few weeks of trying to process things and get in some relaxation as best as I can, finishing the rest of the process, and becoming a fully licensed nurse practitioner. Duane Moody, NP-C (pending!!!) doesn’t sound that bad to me, not at all. Onward towards a new career, full steam ahead!!

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