sotd: Silversun Pickups – The Royal We

If you followed my countdown of last years top 31 albums, you already know that the Silversun Pickups AMAZING sophomore album, Swoon, came in at number six, and is quite simply put, incredible. While I loved this song when the album was initially released (over a year ago!), a current single release has put it firmly back on my radar; and thank goodness, because this song is utterly brilliant.

I found myself especially in need of some rock and roll motivation this morning heading to my first test of the semester (which I somehow managed to get an A on!), and I found myself blasting a little Silversun Pickups; and it was apparently exactly the pick up up (no pun intended) I needed. I can’t wait to see them at the Tabernacle next month (June 19th) and rock out live to this amazing band (last time I saw them, I only managed to catch a couple songs of their set, but I got to meet them, and they were amazingly nice). I hope this song turns out to be a massive single for them, because it is certainly one of their best, and is a real indicator of the massive talent these guys (and girl!) have; and it totally deserves to be today’s song of the day.

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