Well, the inevitable has happened: The Fame has officially leaked onto the internet. I have been talking about Lady GaGa’s debut for months now, and have been touting it as my most anticipated release of 2008, so of COURSE, I had to get it. Now that I have had a few listens, I am going to make a grand statement, and declare that it is the best pop record of the year so far. This record is MASSIVE.

The massive talent that Lady GaGa has for crafting pop gem after pop gem is clear and present throughout her debut, and I can’t wait for this CD to officially drop in the US. I will say this, if you think Just Dance is a great track, just wait until you hear the rest; the record exudes energy, disco, glamour, poptrash, and all things pure and unadulterated pop. I am very, very impressed. I will wait until the CD gets released to give it an official rating, but from what I have heard on the leaked version, it has earned a “unofficial”, solid 5 out of 5 stars , ladies and gentlemen.

Everyone will bow to the Haus of GaGa; the new princess of pop has arrived. An interesting thing about Lady GaGa that has come to my attention, came in a revelation that a friend of mine pointed out: how her voice does bear some similarities to Gwen Stefani (who you all should know by now that I completely abhor). While I do see what he is talking about, I think that the stark difference is that Lady GaGa (and the irony of Lady GaGa’s real name being Stefani is not lost here) is what Gwen would sound like if she were more talented in the realm of pop music. I cannot forgive Gwen for the serious misstep that was Holla Back Girl (*shivers*), and frankly, I haven’t heard anything that would be worthy of redeeming her in my eyes. So, I hear the similarities in voice, but seriously, Gwen doesn’t have anything on GaGa, and that is just fact so far as I’m concerned.

Finally, one thing that is sort of related to the whole leaking of GaGa’s CD, is the eventual backlash from the RIAA that I can naturally foresee. But what I don’t get, is why they would release a CD in August in Canada (eh!), and then have a release date for the same CD in the US almost 2 full months later. I mean, do you think that people aren’t going to leak it? Dumb. Just release the damn thing at the same time all over the place, and we will flock to the stores like your puppets as you want us to anyway, and fork over our hard earned money for the goods.

I guess it makes me irritated to have to deal with attitudes on downloading music because of the major bullshit like this release issue. I was in Decatur CD not too long ago browsing the CDs, and I overheard this conversation a “record exec-type” was having with the owner. He was literally bashing the hell out of anyone that would “dare” download music, and after he pretty much equated downloading music to the 11th greatest sin, I just got so frustrated that I put down the 2 CDs I was going to buy, and I left. Don’t these morons know that the people that download music actually buy a majority of the records that are released? If it weren’t for downloading music, I would miss about 80% of the stuff that I love, and I just don’t see how learning about new music, and then going out and buying it is such a bad thing. Whatever. Just a gripe of mine. There, it’s been said; but let’s not let it take away from the amazingness of Lady GaGa… who’s record is B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T. Now… just release it so I can get it!